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  • Mbeya Nature Camping

    In 2017 Mikoko Development Foundation have partnered with Mbeya Local Scout Association to organize youth camp and we acheived to train about 50 youth. Generally we achieved to provide training on environmental education and environmental conservation. In developing this plan MDF and its partners have planned to make sure that more than 5,000 young adults are well informed and involved in making changes and understand biodiversity and become core part in conservation of environment contrywide.

  • Assessment of Mbweni Mangrove Forest
    In June 2017 Mikoko Development Foundation (MDF) had started its initiatives to organize assessment of the Mangrove Nature Conservation Center to locate the nature classes camping sites as well as the sites for helping kids, youth and elders who will visit the site next years to learn deeply about nature and conservation of marine ecosystem through Mangrove Forest Mangement patrnering with Mbweni Community members.