Our Programs

  • Marine Field Trips
    MNCC provides a unique experience to visitors who visit the center in wich you will be taken to the special sites to observe nature, wildlife management and marine ecosystem at the mangrove forest.
  • Traveling Naturalist
    Improving kids, youth and adults ability towards managment and protection of nature needs serious committment thats why MNCC had committed to share nature trips organizing with respective schools in which participants will be registered to the trip logistics and get itineraries through your trip supervisor.
  • Early Childhood Nature Programs
    MNCC designed a unique program for your cubs to get well involved in nature sessions when they grow up they meet themselves part of conservation society with a higher level of experience in nature and conservation. This will allow schools around the world to build a community of people who understand about creating better world specifically in conservation.
  • Science & Environmental Education
    MNCC is running and supporting science and environmental educational programs at local level in which each year MNCC will be serving about 5,000 young adults this will help students access to real and true information about nature and conservation the minimal number of participants to be served per year will be 5000+, join us today to help conservation of mangrove in our community. Join us this June for Nature Science Camp for your kid
  • Birthday Parties
    When your child counting new year in his/her life we expect him/her to well understand about nature and conservation, we mainly encourage parents, patron/matron to organize their kids, youth or elders birthday parties with MNCC to support the suvirval of the mother earth in which your kid/youth/eleder will wear nature and conservation uniform to encourage his/her freinds to conserve nature too...
  • Community Programs
    In conserving mangrove Mikoko Development Foundation had involved community members around the mangrove forest including the groups existing in the community and involve community members in income generating activities that will boost thier personal and families income through environmental friendly activities that increase conservation of mangrove
  • Swimming, Snorkeling & Diving
    Our team of marine experts have been seeking a better opportunity to help and serve your young adluts towards become competent in science subjects including biology, mathematics, chemistry and physics as well as make sure young adults enjoy their time visiting our nature center including being provided unique guidance in allowing them become connected with nature.